Do you have a strong network among students? Do you love to interact and counsel them?

If your answer is “Yes“, join First Sutra as our Gyan Sathi.

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Looking for No investment Education Business Opportunity?

So, what are you waiting for. Join First Sutra Gyan Sathi Program. Highly profitable business opportunity at zero cost. Any individual can start her/his own business in an online education space sitting at his home.

Join Gyan Sathi

Key advantages of Gyan Sathi (Virtual Business Partner)

  • ZERO INVESTMENT: Invest nothing, start your own business on your fingertips by joining the Gyan Sathi program.
  • EARN UNLIMITED MONEY: Earn an attractive amount of money on each educational product you sell.
  • ZERO RENTALS: No investment required in form of any rentals for any infrastructure or premises. You can operate from your home.
  • ZERO SALARY COSTS: No need to hire any employees. You can run the business as one-man enterprise.
  • WIDE RANGE OF PRODUCTS: Understand and sell an array of edtech products to your customers. to join the Gyan Sathi program.
  • EARNINGS FOR LIFETIME: There’s no retirement. Create customers once and earn on their transactions for a long run.
  • TRAINING AND GUIDANCE: Our dedicated training and sales team will provide assistance at every step to achieve your goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the First Sutra Gyan Sathi program?

It is an initiative undertaken to make our programs accessible to students at every nook and corner of our vast country through a local representative (counselor). Through the Gyan Sathi program, we seek to create a win-win situation where you, the Gyan Sathi, get to sell all of our products and Tests, for handsome incentive share.

Who is an Gyan Sathi?

A Gyan Sathi is FirstSutra’s sales partner. You can be anyone – from a student in college to a stay-at-home mother, to a business person, teacher. If you are good with words and know the art of sales like the back of your hand, then you are already a qualified Gyan Sathi and we are looking for you.

How to become an Gyan Sathi?

Fill up the form in the registration segment on the link we have sent you or visit to register in the partner page. After you register, you become a Gyan Sathi and the login details are sent to you.

What products and categories will I be allowed to sell?

As a Gyan Sathi, you will be selling our all our products.

How much incentive do I get as my share in sales? And when will I get my incentive share?

All Gyan Sathis get a commission on all products you sell based on incentive chart shared with you at the start of the program. The incentive you earn will be credited to your bank account within 15 days from the end of the month.

Will there be any tax deductions / adjustments on the incentive share that will be paid out to me?

Yes, First Sutra will deduct the appropriate taxes at the time of making the payment of your incentive share.

What payment method can be used when the student wishes to enroll?

The Student can make the fee payment in any online mode as student is comfortable with. We accept UPI, Debit/Credit Cards, Net banking and other digital methods